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Professional Courses

D4 Dance

The D4 Dance course offers a comprehensive learning experience in various Western dance styles (Bollywood, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Locking-Popping, Salsa, Contemporary, C-Walk, House etc. ) and various Indian folk dance styles (Garba, Rajasthani, Gondhal, Koli, Lawani, Bhangra etc. ), along with the basics of drama. This course consists of a total of 96 & 48 sessions per year, providing students with a rich and diverse syllabus. 

DTTC (Dance Teacher Training Course)

DTTC is a specialized module designed for dance seekers interested in pursuing a career as a dance teacher or making dance their profession. This syllabus covers eight various Western dance styles (Bollywood, Jazz, Hip-Hop, C-Walk, House, Salsa, B-Boying Basics, Locking-Popping) and six Indian folk dance styles (Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, etc.), along with their choreography techniques

Weekend Dance Masti (WDM)

WDM is a specially designed module catering to dance seekers interested in attending regular dance classes twice a week on weekends / weekly two days with your choice. This module offers dance sessions for all age groups, providing an opportunity to engage in a fun and energetic dance learning experience.

Dance pe Chance

DPC is a special module designed for individuals who are preparing their dance performance for dance competitions. This module focuses on providing comprehensive training and guidance to help participants create a captivating and impactful competition routine within the given time frame


DancExercise is a specially designed dance module that combines fitness goals with the joy of musical movement. This program focuses on using dance as a means to achieve a healthier and fitter lifestyle.


NachO is a special dance module designed for dance seekers who are eager to learn freestyle dancing, particularly in the vibrant and energetic Bollywood dance style, for family occasions. This program is specifically tailored to develop the skills and confidence needed to create captivating and enjoyable freestyle dance routines.
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