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About Us

About Us

The D4 / SSanjay D4 / Team D4 (i.e. D4 Academy) are widely recognized as the city’s most popular and reputable dance organizations. “Team D4” is a group of artists who primarily work in four main streams: dance, drawing, drama, and design since 2012. We collaborate towards achieving professional excellence in exploring art in various forms, including educational, artistic, and commercial ventures. We constantly strive for efficiency and customer satisfaction while raising the standards of dance overall. Our talented team of professional dancers and instructors have all been selected and personally trained by our founders, Mr. SSanjay D4.

D4 works with the mindset of “How to do…?” rather than “What to do…?”. Our goal is to foster imagination in students and nurture their creativity. We primarily focus on developing students’ creativity, visualization, and confidence, which indirectly helps improve their mental and physical strength. Additionally, we aim to enhance students’ knowledge about various art forms, rules, variations in art across different regions, cultural differences between Indian and Western art, and other questions that students may have. Our objective is to promote art (represented by the “D” in D4) and provide a platform for hidden artistic talents. D4 has gained significant experience through participation in school and college annual events, dance workshops, drawing and design workshops, corporate shows, cultural events, Family Events and more.

In short, “D4” offers an open platform for the endless world of your imagination.

Our Vision

Our vision is to establish ourselves as the foremost art organization, setting the benchmark for artistic excellence. We strive to create an environment that cultivates creativity, providing a platform for talented and passionate artists to showcase their skills and explore their artistic potential.

By fostering an atmosphere of creative excellence, we aim to elevate the overall standards of art in our industry and beyond. We believe that by providing resources, support, and opportunities to artists, we can encourage them to push boundaries and continuously improve their craft.

Our vision extends beyond the individual artist; we aspire to create a vibrant and dynamic art community. Through collaboration, networking, and mutual support, we seek to foster an ecosystem that promotes growth and expansion for artists.

Ultimately, our goal is to lead the way in promoting and advancing the arts, serving as a catalyst for innovation, inspiration, and artistic development.

Our Mission

Our mission at Team D4 is centered around achieving professional excellence in the realm of art. We are committed to exploring art in its diverse forms, encompassing educational, artistic, and commercial ventures. By engaging in these varied avenues, we aim to broaden our artistic horizons and deliver exceptional results.

We recognize the importance of continuous improvement and the pursuit of excellence. Therefore, we are dedicated to consistently refining our skills, knowledge, and techniques. Through ongoing learning, innovation, and collaboration, we strive to stay at the forefront of artistic practices and deliver the highest quality work.

Customer satisfaction lies at the heart of our mission. We understand that art is subjective, and we value the unique perspectives and preferences of our customers. By actively listening to their needs and expectations, we aim to create art that resonates with them and exceeds their expectations. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service, ensuring that every interaction with Team D4 is positive and fulfilling. In summary, our mission is to achieve professional excellence by exploring art in various forms, continuously striving for the best results, and prioritizing customer satisfaction. Through our dedication, passion, and commitment, we aim to make a meaningful impact in the art world and create lasting value for our customers.

SSaNjay D4

Our Founder and Artistic Director Master SSaNjay Rajani Mohan Sonar is widely-known as City’s leading choreographer & dancer/Performer.
SSaNjay is a self-taught artist, who polished his skills mid-career with workshops at the
Famous Bollywood Choreographer Mr Paresh Shirodkar Sir , Mumbai.

As an experienced dance instructor, I have dedicated my career to cultivating my skills and
expertise in teaching a wide range of dance forms and styles. Throughout my
journey, I have had the privilege of imparting knowledge to students at
prestigious schools, colleges, and corporate and family events. Fueled by my
unwavering passion for dance, my ultimate aim is to foster a positive and
immersive learning atmosphere for all my students.

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