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Most Popular & Demanding Team D4’s Wedding Planner Unit was founded by Master SSanjay-D4, Choreographer & Event planner of D’ Events & Entertainments based in Mumbai-Nashik-Pune


SSaNjay has Successfully done over 200+ wedding events with his most unique & theme base Dramatic Dance Choreographic Techniques in the last 10 years across the state.

Weddings are usually one of the most Enjoying and important family experiences ( Experiences like Engagement ceremonies, Sangeets – Mehendi – Haldi Ceremonies and Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties etc. ) All this Events celebration is incomplete without the element of dance & song.

Typically, a Sangeet ceremony is held separately at both the bride’s and groom’s houses with the presence of their family members & close friends. But now days Trends are change & Sangeet ceremonies are held by the bride and groom jointly so that the members from both families get to interact with each other and just have fun with competitive Enjoyment !

We at Team D4 Sangeet planner will help you to organize Easily and showcase Perfectly one of the vital elements of a wedding i.e Sangeet Ceremony With Our Perfectly Plan Sangeet Planning Packages BAND  |  BAJA  |  BARAT .

Our Team Will Give You 100 % Support & Guidance to Full fill your all Requirements Such as,

  • Event and Party Planning
  • Creation of Theme
  • Selection And Suggestion of Songs by Considering Theme, Relation with Bridegroom
  • Song editing and mixing
  • Voice-over Recording
  • Dance Choreography ( Dramatic – Theme Based )
  • Planning Event Flow
  • Anchoring & Anchoring co – ordination
  • Dj and Music Co-ordination

We are here to ensure your Sangeet event is grand, extra fun, and fabulous and is embedded in your memory for a lifetime!

We often provide an instruction and rehearsals to ensure that the performance goes smoothly on the big day. We specialize in Sangeet Sandhya i.e. Wedding Choreography for all Communities Such as Marwadi, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, and Sindhi.

We are here to Prepare Your solo / Group / Duet / Couple / Couple Group performances on tracks of your choice By Considering Theme of event & Your relation with Bride groom

One Stop Solution / answer for all your questions Such as

What is the theme or concept for the Sangeet Sandhya event?

What is the duration of the Sangeet Sandhya event?

What are the different types of performances that will be included in the event?

Will there be any special choreography or dance rehearsals required for the performances?

Are there any audiovisual or lights requirements, such as a sound system or projector, for the event?

Are there any specific dress code guidelines for the performers or the guests?

How many dance performances are planned for the Sangeet Sandhya?

What are the preferred dance styles or genres for the performances?

Are there any specific songs or music choices for each dance performance?

Are there any specific songs or dance routines requested by the couple or their families?

How many dancers will be involved in each performance?

What is the expected duration for each dance performance?

Will there be any props or stage decorations involved in the dance performances?

Will there be any professional choreographers or instructors involved in preparing the dance performances?

Will all dance routine and rehearsal perfected in a week or less?

Can we include all families in

NRI Sangeet Event

As Love in the air accordingly Love marriages many where

Our exceptional wedding planning team at D4 has consistently delivered outstanding dance solutions to a wide range of clients, including Non-Resident Indians (NRIs). We recently had the privilege of organizing a remarkable dance rehearsal series for a magnificent NRI wedding celebration held in Maharashtra, India. Our classes drew participants from diverse Indian and foreign backgrounds, all eagerly seeking to learn captivating dance routines for the week-long wedding festivities. With our expert guidance and unwavering support, each member of the group departed with newfound confidence and flawlessly executed dance routines. The spectacular performance during the wedding ceremony garnered thunderous applause and heartfelt admiration from all in attendance.

If you are an NRI seeking a swift and efficient solution for your dance choreography needs, Team D4’s wedding planners are the perfect choice to assist you. Our dedicated team excels in providing the fastest and most effective solutions for all your dance choreography requirements. With our expertise and experience, we guarantee a seamless and memorable dance experience for your wedding celebration.

We are here to ensure your event is grand, fun, and magnificent and Long lasting memory for a lifetime! Our services are completely customizable and we can help you with as much or as little as you require, from the list of services we provide.

( note – Our services are completely customizable and We can assist you with as much or as little as you require, from the wide-ranging list of services we provide)

Contact us today to know more about how we could help you make your Shaadi / Wedding Sangeet More Specially Unforgettable

Call on +91 9175536495  or email us at today to begin planning your Sangeet event

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