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Team D4 Professional Dance Training Institute, celebrating its 10th year in Dance Education, is proud to announce a “Special Dance Course exclusively for Schools” for their Students for the Academic year i.e. D’ SchooL

D’ School’s Aim Elevate your celebrations with our artistic training programs for students - from Students, encompassing dance, music, drama, and visual arts.

Why D4 Dance?

Plan your celebrations with an artistic touch by enrolling your students in our training and education programs for the current academic year. We offer comprehensive training and education in various art forms, including dance, music, drama, and visual arts. Our experienced instructors will nurture and guide your students, helping them develop their artistic talents and skills. Whether you’re organizing a school event, a cultural festival, or any other celebration, our programs will add an artistic flair and showcase the creativity of your students. Contact us to discuss how we can make your upcoming celebrations truly memorable and infused with artistic excellence.

D’ Schooling provides children and young teenagers with a joyful sanctuary, offering an escape from daily stress while fostering the development of various skills and abilities. We want to encourage SSaNjay’s  Mantra – FeeL D’ ART-mosphere

The D’ Schooling Program (DSP) is an integral part of the school’s curriculum, offering a specially designed program that brings the power of performing arts directly to the students within the school premises. Its aim is to provide comprehensive training, fundamental knowledge, and exposure to various styles and techniques of the performing arts. By participating in the program, students not only acquire valuable skills but also find a way to de-stress and develop into well-rounded individuals.

Through our program, students receive comprehensive training in musical theatre and stage performance, gaining expertise in technical aspects, spatial awareness, and performance guidelines. This holistic performing arts experience empowers students to overcome stage fright, boost their confidence, foster teamwork skills, and experience a profound sense of accomplishment.

At the heart of the program lies the exploration of dance expression, knowledge, and creativity, extending beyond the mere physical movements. Incorporating diverse art exercises, Yoga Asanas, Dance Therapy activities, and theatre arts, each class follows a structured syllabus to ensure skillful progression. The program aims to enhance fitness levels, build confidence, foster focus and concentration, nurture team spirit, encourage positive thinking, instill discipline, promote all-round development, and refine posture and body language. 

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